Distorted Realities??


In a¬†recent brainstorming session to develop in-store display recommendations for a client,¬†our team¬†got into a discussion about something LEGO¬†and a few others have been doing in the past year.¬†Apparently,¬†they are installing these new “augmented reality”¬†kiosks¬†in key¬†retail outlets.¬†These displays carry¬†special software that allow¬†consumers to hold up¬†a product box¬†in front of a¬†camera and instantly see a 3D version of the built¬†toy¬†in their hands, which they can then turn and look at from all angles.¬†It’s a very cool technological advancement, and¬†I’ve included a link below. For the right¬†product and the right retailer, it could have some¬†really¬†interesting applications.¬†¬†



Click here to read more about Augmented Reality:  http://www.ohgizmo.com/2009/01/24/legos-digital-box-kiosks-feature-augmented-reality/


Then, yesterday, LEGO is on my radar again. Accidentally. I saw a link on an MSN page, and had to follow it. “LEGO Jesus”….¬†that’s all it said.¬†Come on, you would have followed¬†that link¬†as well, right?¬†Talk about augmented reality……how about a 6 foot tall Jesus made of LEGOs?! That is correct, Jesus. In a church in Sweden actually, and unveiled on Easter Sunday nonetheless. And how many LEGOs would one need to make a 6 foot tall Jesus you ask? Apparently, 30,000 (yikes!¬†that’s a lot of little pieces on the floor!).¬† To each his own reality.¬†


Click here for more on Lego Jesus:  http://www.eatsleepgeek.com/lego-jesus-saves/


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One Response to “Distorted Realities??”

  1. Maureen says:

    Love this post Thea! You’re the first to connect the concept of augmented reality technology and a six foot lego Jesus in one post, well played my friend, well played.