UPS Road Code Manchester Event

UPS_Road_Code_logo_CLR-01Last week we celebrated another great event with our Boys & Girls Club + UPS clients! The second of numerous events planned for this year was held in Manchester, New Hampshire on Friday, 5/30. The event introduced the UPS Road Code teen safe driving program to the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester, one of the three new Clubs now offering the program.

We welcomed 280 very excited teens, 13 UPS volunteers and local media to event. In celebration of the newly launched program, Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas decreed May 30, 2014 as “UPS Road Code Teen Safe Driving Day” in an official mayoral proclamation.

The two-hour event was comprised of three different stations—an obstacle course mimicking a teen’s morning routine and reinforcing the importance of putting distractions away before hitting the road, driving simulators for teens to test their behind-the-wheel skills/knowledge and an interactive station where teens could play a driving-themed charades game, take the Road Code Report Card quiz and sign a pledge saying no to distracted driving.

Attendees had a great time interacting with all event elements – racing each other in the obstacle course, acting out driving-related terms, comparing scores on the quiz and testing out the simulators with tips and guidance from UPS representatives.   Here’s a look at some of the local media coverage generated:

  • MPTS-TV, Manchester Public Television Service, Inc.

UPS Road Code Event on MPTS-TV, Manchester Public Television Service, Inc. from Marketing Support, Inc. on Vimeo.

We’re already looking forward to our next events later this year!

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