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Tweet This…”Ruff Ruff”!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

So you just can’t stop thinking about your dog, Gator. It’s 10:30, you’re having a cup of coffee at the office….and you’re wondering “is Gator sleeping on the couch? or maybe he’s snacking in the kitchen?; or is he staring out the window, watching for the mailman?”. If only you had some way of knowing……sigh.


To the rescue, comes “PuppyTweets”, a product you can pre-order on TODAY (hurry, what’s stopping you??!!). I don’t know if it’s a novelty aimed at people looking for the next greatest way to waste time at work, or if there are people who truly need to “hear” from their pets while they’re away (oh, maybe they’re the same people).


Here’s how it works — you connect a USB receiver to your computer, download the PuppyTweets software, create a Twitter page for Gator, and then place the PuppyTweet tag on his collar. Every time Gator barks or stretches a signal is sent to your computer, and one of the 500 pre-loaded phrases is automatically posted on his Twitter page. Yup, Gator’s Twitter page. So if Gator likes to stare out the window and bark at squirrels, or he likes to pace around the house from 2-5, you could be getting tweets every few minutes….yippee. 

As maker Mattel describes it , “a Tweet from your pooch is a virtual smooch!” – but I think even Gator would tell you “smooch this and get a life”.

Distorted Realities??

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009


In a recent brainstorming session to develop in-store display recommendations for a client, our team got into a discussion about something LEGO and a few others have been doing in the past year. Apparently, they are installing these new “augmented reality” kiosks in key retail outlets. These displays carry special software that allow consumers to hold up a product box in front of a camera and instantly see a 3D version of the built toy in their hands, which they can then turn and look at from all angles. It’s a very cool technological advancement, and I’ve included a link below. For the right product and the right retailer, it could have some really interesting applications.  



Click here to read more about Augmented Reality:


Then, yesterday, LEGO is on my radar again. Accidentally. I saw a link on an MSN page, and had to follow it. “LEGO Jesus”…. that’s all it said. Come on, you would have followed that link as well, right? Talk about augmented reality……how about a 6 foot tall Jesus made of LEGOs?! That is correct, Jesus. In a church in Sweden actually, and unveiled on Easter Sunday nonetheless. And how many LEGOs would one need to make a 6 foot tall Jesus you ask? Apparently, 30,000 (yikes! that’s a lot of little pieces on the floor!).  To each his own reality. 


Click here for more on Lego Jesus:


The Reign of the Disney Princesses….

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Exiting the shower this morning I tripped over the lifeless cranium of Cinderella. Hairstyling Cinderella that is — and my daughter Lily had apparently been trying to comb her hair with a spoon on our bathroom floor while I dozed under the hot water. She had since abandoned Cinderella and run off to a tea party with 5 other princesses. Disney Princesses have taken over my life.

If you aren’t familiar with the Disney Princesses let me bring you up to speed. Someone in Walt’s marketing department had the great idea to resurrect leading ladies from their movies (classic and contemporary), and by packaging them together with pink and glitter, have created a merchandising tour de force. The full lineup includes Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Princess Jasmine (Aladdin) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid). And little girls go crazy for them.

Unless you live with a female under 5 years of age, you probably can’t understand how I have allowed Disney Princesses to rule my home. We have DP headbands, coloring books and crayons, dolls, storybooks, jewelry, sleepwear, costumes, tiaras, bedding, band-aids, even a toothbrush and DP toothpaste. She will tell you that each item in her collection is her “treasure” and the idea she might have to part with any of them would break her heart. And there is always something new for my daughter to discover — and NEEEEEED. Therein lies the genius of Disney branding through entertainment, engaging the consumer to trigger a purchase based on a desire born out of an emotional connection.

This was evidenced on a recent visit to the grocery store. My daughter in tow, I just needed to grab a few ingredients for dinner. But with each aisle we went down, more potential “treasures” were discovered. Squeals of excitement soon give way to serious negotiations and then stifled tears as we zoomed past the DP dress-up magnets, round the corner to discover DP press-on fingernails, followed by DP bubbles, DP stickers and a DP plastic rhinestone emblazoned cell phone. These items are all strategically merchandised just at the height that catches the eye of a small child in a shopping cart. By aisle 5 or 6, just as Disney hoped, I’m giving in to the pleas and negotiations and allowing Lily to select one addition to her collection. Even for a mom in marketing, it inevitably happens (almost) every time. What’s a few dollars when I can watch her face light up? Victory — and sheer joy at her new acquisition. The Disney Princesses rule on.